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Territorial Legal Issues and FTP Archives (was Re: Quake is GPL)

On Thu, Dec 23, 1999 at 06:08:08PM -0200, Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:
>  This remembers me that here in Brazil they outlawed quake, doom and
> other violent games, distribution of these games in Brazil can lead to
> some nasty (really nasty) fines and even jail. This is not something
> I like, but unfortunately it is our reality. So including quake in a
> Debian CD would make it Ilegal to distribute official Debian CDs, and
> Mirroring would also have to be made excepting these games. I'd like
> to bring this topic up for discussion, I think it concerns Debian as
> a whole, since it would make the Official CDs ilegal in Brazil and
> possibly other countries.

The right solution to this problem (packages being illegal in some
countries) is to use a distributed set of servers, instead of a single

This is related to the "package pool" concept, but goes beyond the
most recent proposals I've seen.

Guy, do you need any help architecting a distributed setup?



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