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ITP: libhonyaku-damashii-ruby

I intend to make package of libhonyaku-damashii-ruby.

This is a thing obeying license of Ruby or GPL2, but depends on a
free-lance Honyakudamashii system.  A Honyakudamashii system is S/W to
can of translating it during Japanese and English mutually.  Please
look at http://www.omronsoft.co.jp/SP/pcunix/honyaku/index.html in
detail (however, it is Japanese).

This package offers a client library for Ruby which is object oriented
language.  It is done ITP about a client for Installer package of a
Honyakudamashii system and emacsen the other day in addition to
above(X-Mailing-List: <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>

By the way, this ITP message uses honyaku of the Ruby script which is
an attached sample and a Honyakudamashii system for
libhonyaku-damashii-ruby, and it is which is what I imitate which it
translated in English from Japanese :-)

 Package: libhonyaku-damashii-ruby
 Version: 0.20-1
 Section: contrib/interpreters
 Priority: optional
 Architecture: all
 Depends: ruby (>= 1.4.3)
 Suggests: honyaku-damashii-server
 Installed-Size: 43
 Maintainer: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
 Description: Honyakudamashii client library for Ruby
  Honyaku Damashii is a translation software between Japanese and
  English, brought to you by Omron software.
  This is a client library of Ruby for it.

 akira yamada

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