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Re: Cygnus Insight

Andrew Over wrote:

> > someone offered to make a deb a few months back, but it never appeared.


> I'm the mysterious someone.

I had not found anything about it in the archives when I looked before

> The main problem with packaging insight is that it uses modified versions
> of tk, tcl, itk, itcl and so forth.  Cygnus have patched these versions
> quite heavily, and it isn't possible to substitute *-dev for the versions
> which are used.

Unfortunately, they do not mention this on their webpage.

> The eventual intent is to shift insight to the standard versions of
> tk/tcl and friends, but in the mean time, insight needs to use these
> hacked versions.

Have you (or anyone else) contacted the Insight developers about their
stance with regard to "standard" tcl/tk a.s.o.?

Even if people compile Insight locally on their own system, there will
be a couple of problems with the non-standard tcl/tk versions (although
statically linking should get a working program).

> As far as packaging is concerned, these problems were partially solved
> through static linking, but it seemed like such a hack I was never really
> happy with it.  I haven't looked at it in a couple of months (thesis
> and exams intervened, closely followed by graduation and excessive
> celebration), but if there is interest I can bring it up to date.

I downloaded a snapshot yesterday, but haven't had a look at it so far.
Do you have some inofficial package or binary available?



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