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Re: apt-get fails with file uri

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 11:38:10AM -0500, Lewis, James M. wrote:
> I set up a local mirror of potato using rsync.  I put the following
> line in sources.list:
> deb file:/extra/debian potato main contrib non-free
> "apt-get" update works just fine.  However, "apt-get dist-upgrade"
> whines about missing files like so:
> Note that it's looking for "unstable", not "potato".  I made a link from
> potato to unstable and it worked.  Is this a bug or did I miss something
> obvious?

The files it gets are based on the Filename: field in the Packages
file; if you don't want the unstable symlink, you'll need to change
your Packages file(s) to say potato instead.

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