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ITP: nfs-utils

NOTE: This message includes a proposal to change some nfs package
names.  If you are interested in the maintainence of NFS, please
read it.

For those who aren't following the soap opera of Linux NFS:  The
current user-space utilities to support Linux kernel NFS client and
server are in a package called "nfs-utils", which is maintained in a
CVS repository at SourceForge:
  $ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.nfs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nfs co nfs-utils

I've already created several generations of Debian packages from the
evolving contents of nfs-utils.  For the current (*PRELIMINARY*)
packages, see:


1. I propose to package the nfs-utils version of rpc.lockd and
   rpc.statd into a new 'nfs-common_1:0.1.5' package, superseding
   the one currently in potato.

2. I propose that the existing NFS user-mode server be renamed from
   'nfs-server' to 'nfs-user-server', and that it PROVIDE a virtual
   package 'nfs-server'.

3. I propose to package the nfs-utils versions of the knfsd support
   tools in a new 'nfs-kernel-server_1:0.1.5' package, which would
   also provide 'nfs-server'.

4. I propose that nfs-user-server and nfs-kernel-server CONFLICT
   with one another, because only one server can own /etc/exports.

Comments?  Objections?
Chip Salzenberg             - a.k.a. -              <chip@valinux.com>
     "Fleagal.  Bingo.  Drooper.  Snork.  They're cops."   //MST3K

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