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base-files vs. libreadlineg2 and a few Q's


apt-get dist-upgrade does not install base-files_2.1.11_all.deb since
there is a conflict with the file /etc/profile alos present in
libreadlineg2. Not even --force-yes helps. I had to use: 
dpkg --install --force-overwrite
/var/cache/apt/archives/base-files_2.1.11_all.deb. Is this the way to
solve the conflict, in order to continue configuration of the
remaining packages?

A few additional questions:

Q1: Also, apt-get dist-upgrade reports the following packages as held back:
    bash libreadlineg2 libreadlineg2-dev r-base 
    What does this mean? At least the latest downloaded packages seem to
    have been installed.

Q2: How do I get a liting of ALL packages available, not only the ones
    installed already?

Q3: What about libstdc++-2.95.2. Gcc-2.95.2 is there already. Is gcc-2.95
    the default compiler for potato?

Q4: Which kernel will be default for potato? Why don't you supply a
    pre-compiled smp-kernel?

Q5: Where do I find glx and the latest Mesa?

Best regards,

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