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New Debian Developer - ORBacus


I am intreseted in becoming a Debian Developer.  At work and at home
I have started using a CORBA ORB system: ORBacus.  This has no
package that I can easily instll on my Debian [potato] systems.

If there is no one taling up maintaining this package I would be intreseted
in doing this myself.  

I as I work with Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> he is 
willing to help me get it right.

Please send any mail to my home account at:

Steve Dobson                  E-mail:       sdobson@allstor-sw.com
Unix Architect                Tel (Direct): +44 1763 264441
Allstor Software Ltd.             (R'tion): +44 1763 262963
Whiting Way                   Fax:          +44 1763 264444
Melbourn, Herts, UK SG8 6EN 

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