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Lintian Changes

Lintian Notes:

CVS.  Lintian is available in CVS at cvs.debian.org:/cvs/lintian. :ext: 
access works, anonymous pserver access should also work (no password).

Lintian List.  I've set up a list "lintian@benham.net" to help me track CVS
updates and to discuss development issues with a targeted audience.  The
list is not on lists.d.o mostly because of convience.  It was quicker and
easier for me to set up a list on my own box...

Overrides.  Packages can now specify overrides locally.  Lintian will look
for a file named override.Lintian in the /usr/share/doc/<package>
directory.  The format of the file is one line per override.  Each line
consists of three fields.  The first is the package name followed by a
colon.  The next is the tag to be overriden and the final field is any
data.  This line matches lintian output w/o the {E|W|I}: part of the tag.
If the data field is left off, the override will match all occurances of
that tag.  For example:

  libc6-pic: unstripped-binary-or-object usr/lib/libc_pic/sofini.so
  libc6-pic: unstripped-binary-or-object usr/lib/libc_pic/soinit.so

will override "unstripped-binary-or-orbject" for the two files "sofini.so"
and "soinit.so".  To silence this tag for all messages, use the line: 

  libc6-pic: unstripped-binary-or-object

The data section can have spaces but all the other fields have no white

  cron: setuid-binary usr/bin/crontab 4755 root/root

Please think about overrides before you use them.  Use of overrides
represent one of four situations.

	1) Lintian has a bug.
	2) The situation is too difficult to detect.
	3) Following policy doesn't make sense.
	4) Following policy is impossible.

Only in the case of 2 and 4 should overrides be used.  In case #4, the
override shouldn't be used w/o consultation to debian-policy and/or the
technical committee.  If the tag is caused by a lintian bug, Lintian should
be repaired.  If it doesn't make sense for the package to follow policy,
policy should be changed or the package be made to follow policy anyway.
Remember, consult with debian-policy@lists.debian.org before "violating

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