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ANNOUNCE: two new systems for Debian developers

There are now two new systems for Debian developers to access for
development of packages (porting, bug fixes, etc..).

The specifics are as follows:

Host: xia01.kachinatech.com
Hardware: UltraSPARC 5
OS: Debian GNU/Linux (potato)

Host: xia02.kachinatech.com
Hardware: SPARC LX
OS: Debian GNU/Linux (slink)

You can login via the same username/password as your master account.
Please use the systems wisely. Some of you will note that there is an
xia03 (UltraSPARC 30), but that is reserved for the sparc buildd and sparc

Actually these systems have been around for quite awhile. Two of the
systems (xia01 and xia02) are donated by Kachina for Debian. The Ultra 30
was donated by Sun some time ago. All three systems are hosted on
Kachina Technology's site (so thank them a lot!, hey Ward :).

If you need anything installed for compiling, please let me or one of the
Debian admins know.

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`     bcollins@debian.org  -  collinbm@djj.state.va.us  -  bmc@visi.net    '

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