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want to maintain package distributed-net

Hi i want to maintain distributed-net...

i personally have an uptodate version of it running with the original
distributed-net init.d scripts.....
i also plan to ease the installation process, in souch a way a user can
choose a "standard" and a "custom" config

in standard mode all values will be set do default values and the client
will work for a predefinied emailadress (one of the official debian
team), the user will not be promted again.

in custom mode the user can change anything....

i also plan to rename my distributed-net (teamid = 1526) team to
something like "Team
Debian" and participate
in the future as official debian distributed-net team.... all earnings
from this activity will go back to
debain to fund projects and infrastructure.

i will eventually also make packages for other archs, as long as
provides me with the binary...

it should also discussed if the package should be given a higher
prioity, because
paticipating at distributed.net is not a bad thing (of course it is non
open source...)
but it has a potential to fund projects, and to make good press if the
key is dicovered
my a debian machine....

my problem:
i´m currently not a debian developer,  i read the developer docs and
so..... and i will sign up soon

how can i join as fast as possible and upload the updated version asap??

ps.: is a domain registration sufficient for authentification ???
because the address to bill me
is stored at the ripe database, and since i bill regualry i should be
the person who bills my domain....
whois -h whois.ripe.net fips.at

FiPS - Philipp Lopaur
RIPE: fips79
email: fips@fips.at

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