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ITP: DBIx::CGI DBIx::Easy CGI::Extratags

Hello *,

I've packed these PERL-Modules:


The homepage is http://www.linuxia.net
I'm one of the upstream authors of the DBIx::* Modules so there
should be no problem with fixing bugs in the upstream sources or
something like that.

-libcgi-extratags-perl adds several useful methods to the CGI

-libdbix-easy-perl is a easy-to-use interface for the DBI Module.
 For example it provides a "process" statement wich combines the
 "prepare" and "execute" statements of DBI. It also provides some
 useful methods like "insert" and "update".

-libdbix-cgi-perl is a derived class of libdbix-easy-perl to
 provide some CGI methods. All non-CGI methods
 are in libdbix-easy-perl.

Please note that i'm not a debian maintainer yet, so it would be
great if someone could have a look at the packages and, if they're
OK, sponsor them.

The packages are available via the homepage http://www.linuxia.net
or together with the

files at http://www.gt.owl.de/~dschoen/debian/.

Thanks Dennis
Dennis Schoen           dschoen@rio.gt.owl.de           +49-5207-923701
Homepage: http://www.gt.owl.de/~dschoen/
         "You always gotta be one haircut ahead of your fans"
                                                  Brian Molko (Placebo)

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