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Debian Weekly News - December 14th, 1999

Er, I got the title wrong in the first message, but this is Debian Weekly
News, in case you didn't guess. :-)

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Debian Weekly News 
> http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/current/issue/
> Debian Weekly News - December 14th, 1999
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer
> community. This edition covers two weeks of news, since there wasn't
> enough of interest last week to make a full issue of DWN.
> Debian 2.1r4 has been released. A recommended upgrade for anyone using
> stable, it consists of [8]equal parts y2k fixes and security fixes
> Getting this out in time has been a [9]last minute scramble, and the
> people who put in long hours this weekend should be commended. It
> seems likely that a few more y2k issues will crop up in the weeks
> ahead -- for example a fix for a y2k problem in nethack was only
> [10]fixed upstream a few days ago, and did not make it into the
> release.
> Security fixes have been released for [11]dump, [12]sendmail and
> [13]htdig.
> Debian Project Leader elections are due to start now, but rather than
> have them run over the holiday season the Project Secretary is
> planning to put them off until January. [14]The plan is to begin
> nominations on January 9th. January is shaping up to be a busy month
> -- remember that the freeze is scheduled for January 15th, just one
> month from today.
> Anthony Towns has [15]set up a "testing" distribution on
> [16]lully.debian.org. This distribution is meant to be somewhere in
> between stable and unstable. Anthony's code makes sure that upgrading
> packages in testing does not cause any dependancy problems. It also
> only moves packages into testing once they have been around for two
> weeks and have presumably been found to be bug-free. This has
> potential to become a useful distribution for people who want the
> cutting-edge power of unstable without the bugs.
> Jason Gunthorpe [17]posted about how to use the email gateway to the
> developer database. The email gateway allows setting of a few things,
> like ssh authorized keys and debian.net DNS entries, that cannot be
> changed via the [18]web interface.
> What are all these Debian leaders up to? Debian founder Ian Murdock
> (with investment help from Bruce Perens) is starting a
> [19]Debian-based business called "Progeny Linux". It will "produce a
> commercial derivation of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution for the
> scientific and technical markets" and aims to "show other commercial
> Linux distributions by example how to succeed while continuing to be
> good citizens of the Open Source community" Ian is also a member of
> Bruce's [20]Linux Capital Group, which incidentally now has Wichert
> Akkerman on its [21]advisory board.
> Followups to previous news items:
>   * Wichert's [22]Slashdot interview answers some common questions,
>     and includes some things that might be news to developers as well:
>     "What we plan to do for potato once it is released is create
>     update-packs on a regular basis. An update-pack is a set of
>     packages that you can install on top of stable and extend or
>     upgrade it in some way. Examples could be a Y2K pack, a GNOME pack
>     or a KDE pack."
>   * Corel's lawyers [23]posted a response to the EULA problem. They
>     maintain that the EULA is necessary to ensure that the GPL can be
>     enforced.
> Here are a few of the many new packages added to Debian in the past
> two weeks:
>   * [24]aptitude: Console based apt frontend
>   * [25]cvsbook: Open Source Development with CVS, an online book
>   * [26]freecdb: a package for creating and reading constant databases
>   * [27]ghc4: GHC - the Glasgow Haskell Compilation system ([28]doc,
>     [29]libsrc, [30]prof)
>   * [31]gnome-napster: Gnome client of the popular windows napster
>     program
>   * [32]qcad: professional CAD System.
>   * [33]xcruise: Fly about 3D-formed file system.
>   * [34]courier-imap: IMAP daemon with PAM and Maildir support.
>   * [35]spruce: GTK+ application for sending/receiving email.
>   * [36]syslog-ng: Next generation logging daemon.
> As usual, news from the Debian-JP project is [37]available.
> Thanks to Randolph Chung and Katsura S. Yoshio for [38]contributing.
>   _________________________________________________________________
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