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Changes to the archive

I have made the following changes to potato:

  - removed ocaml and ocaml-doc from non-free (superseded by versions in main)
  - removed vile from non-free (superseded by version in main)
  - removed atlas, atlas1 and atlas1-dev binaries (superseded by atlas2)
  - removed freeciv-xaw binary (no longer built by freeciv)
  - removed librep2 and librep2-dev (superseded by librep5)
  - removed libgimp1.1.10 and libgimp1.1.10-dev (superseded by libgimp1.1.13)
  - removed libyiff2 and libyiff2-dev (superseded by liby packages)
  - removed mozilla-mailnews and mozilla-editor packages (no longer built)

There's more to do, but not today :-)

Richard Braakman

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