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Some idiotic gpg questions

Hi.  I happily had a working PGP 2.x setup for a long time, and, and
the eve of packaging up a bunch of packages, I wanted to switch over
to gpg.

Unfortunately, it has a dazzling array of available symmetric ciphers,
and it also uses this concept of `master key/subkey', which I can't
find an explanation of anywhere.

What I'd like to know is which public key algorithms and symmetric
ciphers I should pick for the key which'll be my Debian key.  (I've
got it to work with my old PGP keyrings, for the moment, but I suspect
that defeats the point.)

I've read Joey's Mini-HOWTO, but it didn't really seem to go into this...

Thanks, and apologies for the silly questions.

Chris <chris@fluff.org>                         ( http://www.fluff.org/chris )

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