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Re: two suggestions


On Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 12:28:50PM -0300, Pablo De Napoli wrote:
> > >  1) Each library should have a link to the corresponding "-dev" package ,
> > >  (something like "suggest devel")to make it easier to find the
> > >  corresponding developing files (I think is a good practice allways
> > >  downloading both).  

I have written a small perl-script which does a good guess which *-dev
packages you might install on your system. You can get it at


The output is in german but it is easy to use. Just call it without
parameters. It will analyze your system and give a summary in the form:

package-dev: package1 package2

which means "package-dev might be installed because package1 and package2
are installed". It does not recognize conflicting -dev packages which I
do resolve in dselect.

This program works for me(TM), but you are free to use it within debian.

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