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Is anyone using the oneliner package?

Hi, all...

I maintain a small package that I wrote, called oneliner. It's a little
buggy, though it would be easy for me to fix the bugs. However, almost all
of oneliner's functionality is in the Gnome panel applet "mini-commander",
and it's implemented significantly better there, too.

So I'm trying to decide whether I should request the removal of oneliner,
or fix the bugs in it. The only reason that I can see to *not* request
oneliner's removal is if someone is actually using it. My question, then,
is: Are any of you using the package oneliner?

I'm not actually subscribed to these lists, so I'd appreciate it if you'd
direct replies to sharp.one@bigfoot.com. Thanks!


Jamey Sharp - sharp.one@bigfoot.com
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