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Re: mutt

OK, let me fill you in on some details ...

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Symlink /usr/bin/pine to /usr/bin/mutt, and mention that you've upgraded
> to the latest version, and that there are some minor interface changes.

I am thinking of a group of users who has a hard enough time just going
from one release of the *same* software to the next. 

> Hell, if you're _really_ feeling generous, leave oldpine lying about,
> but mention that any support questions or complaints about lost mail will
> be ignored :)

Cop out.  Not a real option.

> > How to quell the mob riots that ensue
> Knives? Guns? Tactical nuclear weapons? Threaten to halve their disk
> quota?


> > How to handle the flood of angry, abusive letters to the support help desk
> The same as phone calls to the hell desk --- ignore the boring ones,
> and give the rest a lesson in how much worse life /could/ be...

No.  Our freenet has a strong commitment to their user base, is run by
volunteers who are at risk of overwork/overstress, and is almost entirely
supported by the donations of its user base.  Just "springing" the change
on them, and not providing adequate support will lead to:

1. resignation 'en masse' from the support help desk

2. widespread discontent among the user base and a bunch of cancelled

or worse ...

3. those people who are unhappy stay with the freenet and cause as much
   trouble as possible, impeding progress and exacerbating situation #1

Would it really be responsible for us to do that?  No.  Hence the need
for a real alternative before such a switch can be made.

Anyway, I think I've said about enough.

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