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Re: mutt

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Craig Sanders wrote:
> it is a pain to switch from pine to mutt, especially if you've been
> using pine for a few years...but the effort IS worth it.

It's this "pain factor" that's the real show-stopper.  It's a hard
sell to my users, and an even harder sell to the freenet (100's of
users, many of which are "old-timers" who have been using pine/pico
for years now) whom I would like to convince to "go free".

> pps: back on to the real topic of this thread.  IMO it would be better
> to focus energy on making mutt's pine emulation better than on cloning
> pine....but i'm not going to work on either so my opinion isn't worth
> much.

Agreed.  When I said I was in favor of cloning pine in my previous
message, I meant "providing near 100% pine/pico emulation in a free
package".  Implementation is unimportant to my users, as long as this goal
is achieved (or substantially achieved).  We need to find the "pain
threshold" that ordinary users (who do not necessarily "get" the free
software agenda & just want stuff to work properly) will tolerate. 

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