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Freedomization (or possibly not)

An interesting idea which might have been proposed before.
And although it might be useful, it does go against my grain, and
my love for personal privacy.. but....

Have a small script available which is added to postinst for all
non-free packages which emails a list, saying "XYZ non-free package"
installed. Basically so some sort of statistics can be built.

And on postrm email saying, XYZ has been removed, this way the popularity
of non-free can be determined (looking at ftp logs would not be a complete
picture, many people install from CD or 'mirrors').

However, the important bit is to email minimal information to said list
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, give the user the option NOT to email the information.
If they don't want to be counted amongst statistics, don't said the information.

(Maybe have the question only asked for the first non-free if the user wants
to have to type less).

Not ideal, but it might give some idea how much each non-free package is being
used and also give some idea how much support for a move there would be,

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