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Re: How to build kernel modules

Kevin Bullock <kbullock@ringworld.org> wrote:

> Install one of the kernel-source-2.x.x packages along with
> kernel-package, then 'make [menu,x]config' the kernel to your
> liking, then use make-kpkg (read some documentation) to build your
> custom kernel .deb. And feel free to e-mail me for more step-by-step
> instructions.

I'm afraid that you misunderstand my problem.  I know how to build
custom kernels/modules with make-kpkg.  My job, however, is to build the
official PCMCIA modules for Debian.  Therefore, I need the configuration
files used by Herbert to build the kernels in the kernel-image-*
packages.  I used to get these files from the kernel-patch-*-i386
packages (more specifically, from the sources of these packages), but
they are no longer in the Debian archive.



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