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account on an Alpha or UltraSPARC machine

I would like access to an account on an Alpha or UltraSPARC running Debian to
ensure that my Debian packages work well on 64bit machines (I am particularly
concerned about Bonnie++).
I believe that there is an official Debian developer Alpha machine, as I am
not an official developer and I am having my packages sponsored how do I go
about getting access to it?  Should I get Brian May (who is sponsoring my
packages) to get an account and put my identity.pub data in the
authorized_keys file?
If anyone else has a 64bit Debian development machine that's permanently
online and they can give me an account I'd really appreciate it.  I don't
need much bandwidth (if you're on a modem link it'll do).  However having
access to more than 2G of disk space in /tmp would be handy.  ;)

Russell Coker

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