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Re: License question

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 05:02:33PM -0600, Ashley Clark wrote:
|I've been fumbling with the idea of packaging some Vietnamese
|utilities like vnterm, Vietnamese fonts, VISCII<->VIQR converters.

Great, a step towards i18n :)

|--- snip ---
|All software products are copyrighted by respective authors or
|the TriChlor group. All rights reserved.
|You may copy, distribute, and use these software for any purpose,
|as long as you do not charge a fee for doing so, and
|include this copyright notice.
|Commercial or corporation usage or distribution requires prior consent from us.
|All software is provided "as is", without express or implied warranty.
|--- snip ---
|I am not a lawyer and have a hard time understanding this, but am I
|correct in assuming that this is not DFSG compliant because of the
|commercial usage requiring prior consent and/or also because of
|"prevent unauthorized modifications..."
|Basically I need to know whether this will have to be put in non-free
|or should I contact the authors of each utility to possibly work
|something out?

I think so, it's not DFSG-free. CXterm has a similar clause which prohibits
commercial use and it belongs to non-free.
But if you can persuade the authors to change the license then it's great :)

P.S. I think -legal is the place to ask such questions.

Anthony Wong.

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