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Re: Bug#51832: packaging-manual: Architecture setting: more information.

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 06:07:46PM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> BTW, please realise that it is fairly rare in most straightforward
> packages for there to be architecture related bugs.  They tend to be
> one of a small variety of reasons; the three I have experienced or
> could imagine are:
> (1) The package contains assembler files.  In which case, you've no
>     chance unless the particular architecture is supported.
> (2) Compiler bug; outside of your jurisdiction, but you can file a bug
>     or require the package to be built with a certain compiler version.
> (3) Architecture or OS specific package, such as a set of tools for
>     x86 hardware or a Hurd-specific package.  Then there's no point
>     building for other architectures.

(4) Across OS's: Incomplete POSIX compatibiity, for example unconditional use of
PATH_MAX, MAXHOSTNAMELEN, termio and other interfaces.
Actually about 50% fall (fell) into this category.


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