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Re: Bug#51912: the next useless software

What do we do with messages like this one?
I myself don't use it, so if it's up to me, I'd do what
the bug-submitter wants. But as far as I'm aware, there
are people that do use it.

Have other people also recieved messages like this one?

Is it up to the maintainer of a package to decide to
ditch a package?

> Subject: Bug#51912: the next useless software
> Orignal-Sender: <bashiz@friko3.onet.pl>
> From: Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com>
> package: axe
> version: 6.1.2-6.3
> What is this editor for ?
> It doesnt have any features which arent in
> free editors and its non-free.
> And its not very popular either.
> Please, stop this package.


(BTW, I am subscribed to debian-devel now, but emails sent to
debian-devel are unlikely to reach me quickly anyway:).


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