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Re: ziptool

Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> Do you have a URL for ziptool?  Does it work with all types of Zips?
> It's no longer maintained right?

I used to be a Slackware user before discovering Debian. Hence I know
that Slackware has ziptool in its distro. I picked up the ziptool
source from Slackware and debianised it for my own use.

> > Actually, I'm looking for something simpler, ie. just a
> > command-line utility.
> >
> > I would be nice if there exists a Gtk version similar to
> > jazip. I could work on it if no one is.
> Well, that would also be `written for X' and not a `command-line
> utility'.  :-)

I do archiving and maintenance on the console instead of in X.
Hence I need command-line util like ziptool. Having a X-version
of ziptool is nice just for casual use. :>

> Try http://www.smallpig.net/gtkzip/

I'll try that. Thanks Peter!


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