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ITP: libflux

>From the README:

Flux (or libflux, or fluxlib) is a mexican/norwegian army knife library,
whose ultimate goal is to reduce C programming to some kind of simple
scripting affair. To this end, it supplies high-level functions for
manipulating data and communication with specialized handles, masking
typically tedious programming tasks. Common instruction blocks are wrapped
higher-level calls with intuitive names. In short: Do it once, do it
then forget about it.

Abstracting things this way involves speed compromises. In Flux, these
be minimal, and sometimes, when superiour algorithms are easily
efficiency is actually gained.

Another important goal is bridging gaps between typical tasks - like
storage, retrieval, buffering and transfer, data structures - like generic
tree structures, generic network structures, XML and presentation formats,
and protocols - like FluxComm, Unix protocols and IRC.


It is licensed under the GPL. It is required by applications such as

For free software,

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