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Re: The end of GIF format [was : Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL ]

On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 12:15:55PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Raul Miller wrote:
> > > By the time woody is released, it's likely the gif patent will have
> > > expired.
> On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 03:34:58PM +0100, Nils Jeppe wrote:
> > Patents are good for 17 years or so. When was lzw patented? And when was
> > it patented in countries other than the US? Remember, Debian is global.
> The law's been changed, 20 years.  Which means that it lasts until
> June 19, 2003.

And thats why we have to stop with gifs
And what kind of warrancy do you have that yor gov wont
make patents stay a few years longer than now.

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