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Hello,  We are currently looking for Linux Developers, specifically using
Debian.  If you are interested in a career move please read the following
and contact me immediately.
Julie Rodriguez
Capital Technologies

Title: Linux Network Developer/Engineer

Job Description:
We are looking for a developer to help us develop a customized network
management structure using Linux systems. The network management structure
will deploy Open Source tools and rely heavily on scripting languages.
Software will be developed and deployed in the form of Debian packages.

Deploy and configure Linux systems both in our company as well as in our
laboratory and eventually on customers site. Setup and configuration of
diverse hardware (PCs, LAN, WAN) focusing on the Linux operation system but
occasionally including Microsoft NT and other Unix platforms.

Required Expertise:
? Linux
? TCP/IP, Firewall, NAT, Routing, WAN and VPN technologies
? Network Management Systems
? Basic knowledge of Open Source methods and customs
? Volunteer for at least the last 12 month in an Open Source Project

Required Skills:
? Programming knowledge in C and script languages
? Ability to communicate in a business environment with a diversity of
platforms and software solution

? Debian Developer
? Network Management experience

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