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Re: sed? insanity

>>>>> "Clint" == Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

A better title would be "make makes sed insane".

I don't know exactly what is wrong, but can tell you how to
fix it ;-)

I will leave it up to you if you want to trust my solution or not...

    Clint> This is driving me batty.  Can anyone tell me what's broken here?
    Clint> % ./shtest weird
    Clint> t: s,$,weird,
    Clint> s: TESTweird
    Clint> % make -f maketest test
    Clint> t: make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp'
    Clint> s,$,weird,
    Clint> make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp'
    Clint> sed: -e expression #1, char 1: Unknown command: ``m''
    Clint> s: 

    Clint> -----8<-----
    Clint> #!/bin/sh
    Clint> # shtest

    Clint> weird="s,\$\$,$1,"

    Clint> t=`make -f - <<EOF
    Clint> all:
    Clint> 	@echo $weird
    Clint> EOF`

    Clint> echo "t: $t"

To fix the problem:

1. put t="" before sed command. This fixes the problem, even with


2. Put "unset MAKELEVEL" before the sed command - at least this fixes
the problem for me.


3. Put "export MAKELEVEL=1" before the sed command - now
it crashes every time!!! (See below)

    Clint> s=`echo TEST | sed -e "$t"`

    Clint> echo "s: $s"
    Clint> -----8<-----
    Clint> #!/usr/bin/make
    Clint> # maketest

    Clint> test:
    Clint> 	@./shtest 'weird'
    Clint> -----8<-----

[720] [snoopy:bam] ~ >./shtest
t: make[1]: Entering directory `/homes/bam'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/homes/bam'
sed: -e expression #1, char 1: Unknown command: ``m''


sh -x shtest,

it would appear that sed is running a copy of make,
but I don't know why.

Arrghh... I see your problem. I think it is related to the
following prompts from Make:

make[1]: Leaving directory ...


make[1]: Entering directory ...

which somehow confuse sed. Or perhaps the shell is getting
confused, and mangles the result before sed sees it.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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