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ITP: honyaku-el

I intent to upload honyaku-el package. 

Copyright is GPL2, but this depends on non-free Honyakudamashii
system which is a translation software between Japanese
and English. So this package should be contrib.

Honyaku-damashii means "a translation soul" in Japanese.

In addition, I intent to pacakge installers of the translation
soul system.

Section: contrib/utils
Priority: optional

Package: honyaku-el
Architecture: all
Depends: mule2 | emacs20
Suggests: honyakudamashii-server
Description: Honyakudamashii client for emacsen (mule2, emacs20)
 Honyaku Damashii is a translation software between Japanese and
 English, brought to you by Omron software.
 This is a emacsen (except for xemacs) client for it.


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