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Re: Intent to create Linux BLAS

Andreas Kabel <andreas.kabel@SLAC.Stanford.EDU> (implicitly) writes:
  ITP Linux BLAS

Would this be different from the libblas.so already included with the
lapack package?

$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/libblas.so.2.0.1 
lapack: /usr/lib/libblas.so.2.0.1

It seems that atlas (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra System) 
might be a more interesting thing to package.  There could be some
difficult challenges involved in packaging this because it needs to be
optimized for each generation of a processor (e.g. P5 vs P5MMX vs Ppro
vs PII) and Debian packages are for processor families (e.g. i386).

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