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Ooops? "mv file /tmp" coredumping and other strange things

I guess I need a little bit help.

Yesterday evening I had a perfectly running potato system. Since I came back
to the machine this morning, very strange things keep happening and I don't
know why.

Is it possible that this is a processor problem ? I'm using a AMD K6-2/266,
overclocked to 300MHz, working without problems since over a year.

- "info -f gmp" coredumps when paging "Installing MP" unto the end
  ("xmalloc: Out of virtual memory!")

- wmaker segfaults

- all things using gtk work very strangely, most themes won't work any more.
  All applications that use imlib to renders things output black boxes
  instead of pixmaps.
- genius coredumps for "1/2" (but not for things like "4/2") (somewhere in

- python: "round(0.0)" sometimes returns "0.0", sometimes "nan"!!!:
  freefly;12> python -c "print round(0.0); print round(0.0),round(0.0)"
  nan 0.0

- suidunregister doesn't work anymore ("if (@_ != 1)" seems to be always
  true!!), therefore many install scripts fail.

- "mv file /tmp" sometimes coredumps with an memory protection error.

- scrollbars in xterms are black

- scrollers in Netscape don't work reliable any more.

- etc.pp.

These problems are all reproducible, still I don't see a common pattern,
perhaps except numerical routines ???

The strange thing is that most things do work just like before, including
networking and other high-level things.

One of the last things I did before going to bed was "hdparm -u1 -c1 -m16".
I thought this may have corrupted the filesystem, therefore I started to
reinstall most packages, but this didn't change a thing.

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