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RE: linux 2.3/4 and large files

> >>>>> "Terry" == Terry Katz <katz@advanced.org> writes:
> Terry> Does anyone know if there are plans on fixing this? (i know
> Terry> this is not debian specific, just wondering if anyone knows...)
> >From what I've read in the past, Linus does not agree on changing this
> for 32 bits machines. On 64 bits machines, off_t is 64 bits long,
> allowing you to use large files (up to 2^63-1 bytes).

Maybe not, but since Linux 2.3 allows for files larger than 2gig, Linux 2.4
will as well... Isn't it going to be messy when it goes stable and people
start wondering why
files that should be >2gig are showing up as only a couple hundred meg ?


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