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Re: Resignation of Debian maintainership, at least temporarily

Hi Anthony,

In reference to a message from Anthony Fok, dated Nov 30:
> Ob-Private: This message may be freely reposted/moved to other Debian
>    mailing lists such as debian-devel and debian-qa.  I post on
>    debian-private because I am not subscribed to the above and thus
>    feel more comfortable posting here.

> Thus, I would like to give away ALL of the packages that I am currently
> maintaining, hoping that they will find a new, good home.  If you think
> you can take good care of them, please adopt them!  :-)

>    main: chdrv, chdrvfont, cjk-latex, freetype-tools, freetype1,
>          freetype1-dev, freetype2, freetype2-dev, hbf-cns40-1,
>          hbf-cns40-2, hbf-cns40-3, hbf-cns40-b5, hbf-jfs56, hztty,
>          iselect, lexmark7000linux, libgimp-perl, libnewt-perl,
>          lilypond, lilypond1.3, locale-zh, slice, wml, xa+cv, xcin,
>          xcingb, xfntbig5p-cmex24m, yodl, zh-autoconvert, zh-trans

I'm willing to adopt chdrv* and libnewt-perl if no one else are interested.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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