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Intent to package camlp4 and others

	I'm working on Debian packages for the following programs:

camlp4: a Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml. License: binary
  or source redistribution is allowed modified or not, while copyright
  notice etc. is maintained there. I think it is completely DFSG-compatible.

camlp4-doc: documentation for camlp4 in ps and html formats

coq: a proof assistant for higher-order logic, which allows the development
  of computer programs consistent with their formal specification. No
  license mention included; I'm contacting upstream developers to see if
  it's ok to distribute Debian packages of the software.

coq-doc: documentation for coq in ps and html formats

log: a circuit schematic capture tool and simulation environment. Log is a
  large circuit editing and simulation system. It has facilities for digital
  simulation (the original LOG), analog simulation (AnaLOG), network
  generation (LOGNTK), and plotting (LPLOT). Log is the most popular
  Chipmunk tool. License: GPL

log-doc: documentation for log in ps and html formats

psys: a library (the p-system emulation libraries for the caltech tools)
  needed to build Log and friends. License: GPL.


Fernando Sanchez
[http://ceu.fi.udc.es/gpul - fer@debian.org - http://humbolt.geo.uu.nl/eulug]

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