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Installing a bunch of similar machines

Dear All,

  I guess we are not the only ones who need to install/maintain 
many similar computers. Here is our solution to make this task easier.

 Replicator ( www.ens-lyon.fr/~lprylli/replicator.tgz ) is a set of
scripts (documented !) to automate the duplication of a model computer,
with some provision to take into account differences in hardware (like HD
size) and in software configuration.

 After the initial configuration, the scripts will create a bootdisk that
allow to (re)install completely a Debian box by just booting on the floppy
and answering a yes/no question. 

 Given its experimental (but already tested on two sites) state, consider
this software is for advanced (perl fluent) administrators only.

 Best Regards,

Sebastien Chaumat <schaumat@ens-lyon.fr>  
and Loic Prylli <lprylli@ens-lyon.fr>

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