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[Gnome/GTK/OpenGL] Would someone package superficie ?

Just saw this on the octave-sources list, it announces a viewer 

	superficie is a small OpenGL application, running under 
	Gnome, FLTK or GTK.


	You can find superficie at:


>From that webpage:

	Superficie (surface) is a small program that allows to visualize
	3D surfaces, and to have certain interaction with them. It allows
	to rotate, to move away, to show illumination, etc. on the surface
	at issue. In the future it will be able to save a postscript file
	(partially done now).

Would someone with a Gnome/GTK/OpenGL development environment be willing to
package this?  

If so, could you add the small (5.6 kB) .m file for Octave which was
announced in the aforementioned email ?  And possibly coordinate with me to
see that it all works smoothly?

Thanks,  Dirk

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