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Re: fakeroot: log open() calls?

On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 09:09:52AM +0200, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:
> My idea was to add this _inside_ dpkg-buildpackage, maybe enabling it by use of
> a new option flag.

This should not automatically write the field contents.

> The last command of the pipe is dpkg -l , which produces the human readable
> output you see in this example. It should be substituted with some command to
> grep away essential packages and pack the rest in the new format for the
> Source-dependecies field.

You can't automatically know if you need a versioned depends or not and
if the depends should be architecture-conditioned or not.  Therefore
you can't automatically write the fields, you need to do it by hand.
But this tool is useful for seeing what might be needed ;-)

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