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Re: Intent To Package: readlink

"Zephaniah E. Hull" <warp@whitestar.soark.net> writes:

> A simple ITP to package a itty bitty program, taken from
> netscape-base-4..
> Its insanely simple, and should really be in a standard package, but as
> I need it now, it should be in incoming later today..
> Please note that I am not subscribed to -devel, so please cc all replys
> to me..

I strongly object to this ITP.  This is unnecessary archive bloat.

A utility as simple and trivial as this should be included with
debianutils.  Please convince the debianutils maintianer to include
readlink.  A wishlist bug has already been filed (#40950).  Until
then, use a copy of the program in your own package.

What's next?  An ITP for "echo"?

	- Ruud de Rooij.

PS: readlink is originally from tetex, not from netscape-base.
ruud de rooij | ruud@ruud.org | http://ruud.org

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