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Packages to give away

Now that I've made a substantial dent in my bug count, I'm thinking I
should reduce the amount of package I maintain.  This will enable me to be
more responsive to the ones I keep and spend more time on other projects
which may be of help to Debian.  (Like documentation.)

So I would like to give away the following packages.  I will also sponser
any non-maintainer who is interested.

Source for all these packages is available via apt-get source.
Just add the line

deb-src  http://www.braincells.com/pub/debian Local/ 

to /etc/apt/sources.list

Package:  awesfx
Description: Utility programs for the AWE32 sound driver.
 The awesfx package contains necessary utilities for the AWE32
 sound driver.

 If you must use an AWE32 sound driver, you should install
 this package.
License: GPL
Comments:  See sndconfig.

Package: sndconfig
Description: configures your sound card
 Sndconfig is a text based tool which sets up the configuration
 files you'll need to use a sound card with a Linux system.
 Sndconfig can be used to set the proper sound type for programs
 which use the /dev/dsp, /dev/audio and /dev/mixer devices.  The
 sound settings are saved by the aumix and sysV runlevel scripts.

 Install sndconfig if you need to configure your sound card.
License: GPL
Comments:  This is Red Hat's sound card configuration tool.  Together with
awesfx, I converted this from RPMs.  It works but may need some additional
tweaking to remove RedHatisms.  I never got round to uploading it.

Package: hifs
Description: enhanced process lister
 hifs stands for Handy Information For Sysadmins.  hifs displays a process
 list like top(1) in a 26x24 text window. Further, a lot of other system and
 user information is shown.
License: GPL
Comments:  I forgot why I packaged this.  It never made it into the
distribution and its functionality already exists in other packages but it
might be a nice and easy starter package for new maintainers

Packages: c2html, java2html perl2html 
Description:  converts C (or Java or Perl) source into HTML
License: GPL
Comments:  Whoever takes these should take all three as the packaging is
almost identical.  They are very easy to maintain so might be good for new

Package: isearch
Description: Fast search Engine
 This system contains a command-line indexer/search engine for
 general purpose search and retrieval, and CGI programs to make
 indexes available over the net.
License: non-free
Comments:  Also not contributed to Debian yet.  (It should be ok for
non-free.)  I've been playing with this for work and the package works but
it could possibly be made a little more user-friendly perhaps?

Package: itrans
Description: Prints text in Indian languages
 ITRANS is a package for printing texts in Indian Languages using TeX or
License: mostly BSD.  Some fonts are GPL.
Comments:  Actually I'm still interested in this package but it could
probably use some looking at by a TeX/Postscript expert before it is
contributd to Debian.  Some knowledge of Indian languages is probably good
for the maintainer to have but not essential.

Package: pppupd
Description: Keeps a ppp connection alive
 PPPupd, is a simple daemon which maintains a dialup PPP connection.
 PPPupd is able to:
        + Execute a redial script, should the connection drop.

        + Send out periodic pings to keep a connection up, which might
        be disconnected by unruly ISP's who kick their well paying
        members off, after a predetermined number of minutes of

        + Send logs to stdout, a log file, or syslog, or all three.
License: GPL
Comments:  I packaged this a long time ago when pppds persistent feature
didn't work with my modem.  I don't have that problem now so I'm not
interested anymore.  Plus it is buggy and in fact may not work at all.  If
anyone wants to attempt to fix it please go ahead but if noone responds,
I'm going to ask that it be removed from the distribution.

Package: wwwcount
Description: Web page access counter
 This is an extremely versatile web page access counter written in C by
 Mohammed A. Muquit (ma_muquit@fccc.edu)  You can display the number of
 hits in various styles for any number of pages, for any number of
 users.  You can even display the time and date.
License: non-free (uses GIFs)
Comments:  A long standing todo for this package is to convert it to use
PNGs or uncompressed GIFs.  Then it could go into main.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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