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ITP: Debian History

I've found myself spending an increasing amount of time on the #debian-devel
IRC channel recently "correcting misimpressions" about the history of the 
project.  I suppose that with the growth of the project in recent times, there
should be no surprise that knowledge of our history is pretty thin.   Several
people, at different times, have needled me about writing it all down for 
posterity.  Ok, I'll give it a shot.

I intend to create a "debian-history" package.  It will be text-only, for all 
architectures, section text, priority optional.

I hereby solicit inputs from anyone who cares to contribute... particularly if
you've been involved longer than I have...  :-)  I will GPL the resulting text,
unless someone has a better idea... and explicitly acknowledge any non-trivial 


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