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Re: imapd, Roxen and IMHO

* Matthias Klose said:

>  > problems disappear. Therefore I'd like to propose a small change to the
>  > imapd (or rather c-client) source code to read the default mailbox root from
>  > either the environment or from /etc/c-client.cf. If there's a need, I can
>  > write the relevant code, because the problem is really grave IMO and since
>  > there's no upstream solution to that, perhaps doing it just for Debian is
>  > the right way?
> there is currently a roxen-1.3rel2 release, which is not yet packaged
> for Debian. This includes some changes to pike and roxen. I did not
> investigate anything, if this upstream change would solver your
> particular problem.
I'm using this version. Frankly, the problems started after the upgrade
which was at the same time I upgraded imapd, so I don't know where's the
fault really, but it seems to be on the imapd's side since the simple change
of the default mail root cured the problem.


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