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Re: ITP rio

> >This is my first Debian package, I have applied to become a developer, I
> >know the application system is somewhat stopped, and I am subscribing to the
> >debian-mentors mailling list right now.
> >
> >I shall place the package upon my personal website until it is sponsored 
> >into the archive.  I hope to finish this package before the freeze.
> I would be willing to sponsor the package.
> Brian

Thank You for offering to sponsor my package.

I believe I have a working package ready to go.  I've tested it and found no
problems thus far.  I get no errors when I run lintian upon it.

I had an issue with the SUID settings but I eventually got this to work 
by modifying the postinst to do what I think dh_suidregister is supposed 
to do (I gave up on dh_suidregister and manually run suidregister in 
the postinst now).  The rio program has to be SUID root because the 
program directly molests the parallel port at the IO port level, it 
doesn't run thru /dev/lp0.

The packaging was easy.  I have sent email to rio's upstream maintainer, no 
response yet.  Also I had to write my own manpage for this utility, which I
will gladly donate to the upstream, when I get in touch with the upstream..

Here is the URL for the debian package files compiled for a potato system:


At that site you will find links to the following files:


I hope that is acceptable and look forward to debianizing more packages.


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