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Re: proftpd

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Christian Hammers wrote:

> > Doing an "apt-get update; apt-get -u upgrade" today, it refused to update
> > proftpd. That's fine so far. But the reason somewhat puzzles me...
> > It say that it will install:
> > 
> > libmysqlclient6 libpgsql2
> proFTPd is able to use SQL databases for storing passwords for authentication.
> Its maintainer probably thought that is would be better to let apt-get 
> fetch those 100kb more than disabling this support or splitting
> proftpd into proftp-mysql and proftpd-pgsql etc.

Wouldn't it be better make it suggested rather than required? A couple of
100kb here and there adds upp pretty quickly...

I'm getting quite tired of having to install packages in excess, for
instance xlib just to be able to have mtools, despite the fact that I
don't run X and that the part of mtools that depends on xlib (a daemon for
X that detects floppy changes) is a non-important part of the package.
> > If they really ARE needed, they should probably be renamed, right?!
> Why ?

My impression was that they were included because they needed some parts
of the libraries, not to support SQL. Sorry.

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