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lists and sendmail grief

I am not sure if I am the only one encountering this problem, so before I send
in a bug report, I am going to ask.  I have noticed that every time I do an
upgrade on sendmail, all goes well, I restart sendmail, and all looks good.  I
continue to get mail from the list.  Then suddenly, within 24 hours of the
upgrade, I get a note from debian-devel-request telling me that I have been
dropped because of an excessive number of bounced messages.  I check, and
suddenly, I find that it isn't accepting mail for my domain anymore.  The
strange part is that everything was working up until that point.  If mail was
being bounced, I would have seen that no new messages were comming in after
restarting sendmail.  I then restart, verify that all is working, then subscribe
again.  I get the mail back confirming my subscription, then get another e-mail
5 minutes later telling me I have been removed for excessive bounces.  Test
again, all still works, subscribe again, and all works.  It wouldn't bother me
TOO much except that we have had 3-4 new sendmail packages in the past 2 weeks,
and it's getting a little annoying.  Has anyone else experienced this?

							Dave Bristel

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