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Re: Proxy instead of mirror? (was: perhaps sort by priority?)

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, David Benson wrote:

> I've been using squid as though it were a mirror for a while...
> Its great b/c it is often nearly as fast as
> a complete mirror, but _much_ smaller, since i often install the
> same packages on a bunch of computers which aren't directly on the 'net.
> It is also satisfying b/c bandwidth is never wasted mirroring 
> files that won't be used.
> I keep meaning to look into the best way to make it not keep
> outdated packages cached... there _is_ something called "module"
> support but I know nothing about it.
What do I have to do to ensure that apt uses the squid proxy?
Very interesting idea!

I personally found the solution to use a NFS shared partition as
apt-cache which is maintainable for not so much machines.

Kind regards


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