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rtf <-> latex

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Kevin Bullock <kbullock@ringworld.org> wrote:
> > I'm in the process of taking over rtf2latex and latex2rtf, and I'm debating
> > the merits of maybe putting them both into one package. Thoughts? How useful
> > would this be? Would they be better separate?
> If they come from different source packages, they should not be put into
> the same package.  Otherwise, everytime you get a new version for one, the
> other one gets recompiled/reinstalled unnecessarily.

Good point. I think I'll leave them separate for now, barring any further
debate on the topic. I was weighing a case like dos2unix/unix2dos vs. for
example... well, those are the only translators I know of that go both
ways. There's catdoc and word2x, etc. for example, but they don't go the
other way.

But the latex<->rtf packages translate more complex formats than just
stripping or adding ^M.

So the verdict is: Look for a new latex2rtf and the addition of rtf2latex
Real Soon Now (tm).

--Kevin R. Bullock

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