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ITP: Sawmill (and friends)

Unless I get any objections, I will be packaging up Sawmill.  Sawmill
is a window manager for X that is scriptable with a Lisp-like
language, and is completely themable...

Sawmill also depends on librep, and rep-gtk (apaprently these are the
Lisp libraries that it uses) which are not pacakged to the best of my
knowledge, so I'm going to assume responsibility for those as well.

It'll probably be early this weekend before I get around to packaging
and testing the whole thing, unless I do it tomorrow which is
unlikely, so speak now or forever hold your peace.

Naturally, I'll throw some pre-upload debs for the
not-so-weak-of-heart to try before the upload, but I'm hoping to get
it in by Saturday's dinstall.

So enthusiastic, a little bit drastic,
  I shaved her name in my head.
And as she beheld it, she said I misspelled it;
  Need more be said?

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