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Package suggestion...

I don't know where to drop this so I'll drop it here ;-)

It would be nice to include greed (http://www.public.asu.edu/~arturner/greed/)
to the Debian package list. Greed is a downloadmanager with the following

- Lightning fast, no kidding, with my cable modem I get 200 Kbyte/s 
  no other program (a 100 to 150Kbyte/s tops) can match that.
- It resumes downloads when they break up (or even when your computer
- It can handle ftp and html URL's
- It supports proxy's
- It can handle recursive download (ftp only???)
- And it's under GPL!
- etc...

Maybe the algorithm should be build into proxy's?

Have fun,

Onno Ebbinge

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