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R F Opinions: To split or not to split haskell-doc


I maintain haskell-doc, an aggregate package of Haskell language
documentation.  It is suggested by all Haskell implementations currently
packaged (hugs and ghc, the latter waiting for n-m processing).
It currently contains the language definition and nothing else, and I'm
about to add a tutorial.  But here comes a problem: the definition is
non-free, the tutorial is free.

I see several options:

  1. Add the tutorial to the package and leave the package in
     non-free.  This is easiest for me, but I don't like the
     idea of putting free documentation into non-free
  2. Create a new package, haskell-doc-free with only the tutorial.
     No changes to haskell-doc.  Or perhaps haskell-doc and
  3. Split the current haskell-doc package into haskell-report
     and haskell-library-report (for the two documents that form
     the language definition) and create a new package
     haskell-intro.  Problem: What should the implementations
     suggest?  All three?
  4. Do 3., but leave haskell-doc as an empty metapackage in the


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